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In a remarkable turn of events, arguably the strangest in the history of Florida aesthetics, men

and women all across Orlando are turning to a specialist named Angel Rodriguez instead of plastic surgery, tummy tucks, or Lipo to get rid of belly fat, loose skin, and stretch marks. “A traditional tummy tuck is no small surgery,” he says. "It's excruciatingly painful. It requires weeks, and sometimes months, of downtime. And it leaves huge hip-to-hip scars. It's no wonder so many people prefer the non-surgical option." And if consumer response is any indication of Rodriguez's effectiveness, just try booking an appointment. It's not unusual to have to schedule three months in advance to see him. Has everyone gone crazy? Well . . . not really.

Scientific Breakthrough Or Beginner’s Luck?

It all begins with the Syneron brand of medical lasers (utilized by Rodriguez), which has been proven to be “the only combined energy platform that effectively treats wrinkles, skin laxity, age spots, pigmentation, and acne” in scientific clinical studies1 with full FDA approval.2

However this amazing technology is just the start . . .

Rodriguez’s results are so accelerated that a representative from Syneron has flat out said that he has seen nothing like them in his ten years in the industry and has offered to buy his “before and after” pictures to promote the company.

Dr. Destephens, an anti-aging specialist and internal medicine doctor, has seen Rodriguez’s work first hand and has actually gone “under the laser” himself. “Angel has developed his own unique set of protocols that are an evolution of Syneron technology,” says Dr. Destephens. “He has been able to get far better results than even what the manufacturer advertises because he has tweaked and optimized the protocols. That's why so many people started calling it 'The Angelic Lift.'”

And the Syneron laser technology by it’s own merits is nothing to sneeze at for treating wrinkles and cinching up loose skin. Just look at all the press coverage it's been getting recently: It's been on Rachael Ray, The Doctors, Dr. Phil, and famously on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for treating Kim’s cellulite, as well as dozens of other media outlets (including all the magazines on this page).

But when Rodriguez got his hands on this technology, he stumbled onto something totally unique and rare . . .

Beginners Luck Strikes Again!

Then on February 24th, 2007, at a meeting of world renowned plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic MDs, he had a bit of luck . . . maybe it was insight.

Rodriguez was in a seminar learning under one of the master practitioners of the Syneron laser company who has celebrity clients around the world. He was demonstrating how when you combine cellulite reduction lasers with wrinkle reduction, unlikely results start to happen. . .

Rodriguez saw that the combination of different technologies was key to getting pronounced results faster, and immediately started experimenting on himself. “I was too naive to limit my expectations about what was possible non-invasively, so I kept trying new things,” he says.

What he found was wildly exciting . . .

he first thing I was able to do was remove a scar from my neck that had been plaguing me since early childhood," he says. "If you come to my office, I'll show you the pictures."

By combining laser modalities in very specific ways, he was able to shrink loose skin and fat, dissolve crow's feet, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines far better than anyone thought was possible non-invasively.

He started applying what he was learning to his practice and amazing things started to happen . . .

Take a close look at Max Arena who came to Florida all the way from Milan, Italy to get this procedure:

, easy, no-cut tummy tuck, orlando fl

tummy tuck cost, how much is a tummy tuck in Orlando

Max looks skinnier and tighter now than he did 10 years ago. Actually, he looks so good that when he returned to Milan, his girlfriend accused him of getting a tummy tuck but was dumb-founded when she saw there were no scars!

“To be able to look at yourself naked in the mirror, and see a tight, ten-year younger version of yourself without a massive ‘smile scar’ running across your belly is worth it for twice the price of plastic surgery!” Max writes.

Then there's Dumay from Texas:

, tummy tuck prices, how much is a tummy tuck, before and after pictures

"My stomach was deformed from pregnancy and a hormone imbalance," she says. "After the Angelic Lift, my tummy is flat and no longer sticks out in that weird way! The imperfections, stretch marks, and a scar that was left by an appendix surgery are barely visible. The most enjoyable part is that now when I go to the pool with my kids, guys are turning their heads again as I walk by."

What Happens When The Angelic Lift Is Combined With Breakthrough Weight Loss Treatments?!

AMAZING video reveals what could be the first ever rapid weight loss solution that doesn't leave you with saggy folds of loose skin.

And the tummy is just one area that can be treated non-surgically. Look at these results:

“I thought about getting a Lifestyle Lift,” she says, “for the loose flesh under my neck. When I found out that they actually insert a cord in your neck to hold up the skin (not to mention that the cord has been known to break!) there was no way I was going to try that. Thanks to Angel, I was able to get a very natural and feminine looking facelift without surgery, and without any foreign bodies inserted into my face. Even my crow's feet disappeared. ”

tummy tuck orlando before and after pics,
tummy tuck recovery, before and after photos

, tummy tuck cost, before and after

Could Demi Moore's "Secret Plastic Surgery" Have Been This Good?

Demi Moore was reported to have used the Syneron laser treatments as part of her $380,000 full body makeover (snapshot of article to the right). She gets treatments "on her thighs, arms, legs, and knees," the National Enquirer reports.3

One has to wonder how much she would have paid for the Angelic Brazilian Butt Lift:
, tummy tuck lift, belly lift
, fat reduction tummy tuck, liposuction, plastic surgery

This 72-year-old grandma writes:

Dear Angel,

Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me. It has made a world of difference in my life. My face feels so much smoother and younger, and my frown lines are almost completely gone.

My eyes are the best part by far. The large dark bags that I had are now a tenth of what they used to be, and the color has lightened by at least six shades. The lids are even lifted. My family couldn’t believe the transformation.

With love

Fay O'Neal

Her pictures:

other cosmetic treatments

belly fat, and other tummy related treatments, lipo lite

Look at the flattened frown lines on this gentleman:
loose skin surgery
There are literally hundreds of pictures just like these, as well as dozens of
HD videos documenting the results, and you can see them for yourself when
you come in for a consultation.

How does it work?

A medical laser is passed repeatedly over your belly for about half an hour. The laser penetrates to the Fat Cells, which then get hyper-metabolized (your skin is not cut or punctured in any way). You pass the fat naturally through your urine. The only downside is that you have to come in for 4-6 sessions in order for this to work, because there is only so much fat you can dissolve and pass safely in one session. This is done in combination with lasers specifically designed for skin tightening. The result is similar to when you apply heat to shrink rap--when the area is heated it tightens and contracts.

Is it painful?
There is no pain at all. Just look at this video of Max getting his treatment done:

What about downtime?
Because there is no pain and this is completely non-invasive, there is no downtime. You literally can resume your activities as soon as you're done with your treatment.

What about cost?
The average price of a traditional tummy tuck nationally is $8,666 (just Google: "average cost of a tummy tuck" to see for yourself). This does not account for the 1-3 months you cannot work, the pain and scarring, or the risk of getting botched. So, let's throw in a couple of extra thousand dollars for excruciating pain, massive scarring, and loss of wages . . . and round it up to $10,666 (conservatively).

The Angelic Tummy Tuck is much more affordable, and we have 0% financing available for 12 months to make this affordable for anyone. Because the price varies from body to body because of differing sizes and shapes, it is necessary to come in for a consultation to get exact prices.

The Downside . . .
The availability is very limited, and this ad will be taken down very soon. Right now, Rodriguez's office is in Winter Park, across from Memorial Hospital. But if you want an "Angelic Lift" this year, you have to act fast. Rodriguez has offers from all over the world, including Dubai, Italy, Spain, and South America.

If you are interested in seeing what this procedure can do for you, here's what you will need to do right away:

For the next 4 days, get Rodriguez's Face & Body Analysis FREE (reg. $150), and get "the VIP treatment" in Winter Park. (, is exclusive for the web, and cannot be transferred or shared.)

To redeem this offer simply fill out the form below.
The $150 certificate will be emailed to you instantly.

Just imagine
being able to wear whatever you want (or not wear!) and feel fantastic about it . . .

Going to the pool or the beach without embarrassment. Just think: No more waist cinchers . . . No more covering it all up with those baggy “Fat Clothes.” Think about how good that would feel.

tummy tuck orlando, best tummy tuck in  winter park

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